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Few Words About Us

"Education is not the filling of a pail but lighting of a fire." Keeping this in mind Saint Angels Public School aims to nurture its students to realize their full potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of rich tutelage, joyfulness and harmonious learning. It is located in Chamrawal Road, Baghpat.

Saint Angels Public School has continually implemented innovative education programmes which focus on conceptual understanding and collaborative learning to keep pace with the rapidly changing 21st century learning environment. The school has created a niche for itself as an institution par excellence over the years and has won numerous awards and accolades. The school alumni are placed in prestigious positions in government, judiciary, corporate and social arenas.

To realise this mission, there is a highly qualified Faculty with rich experience and core competence who is committed to be a friend, philosopher and guide of a Child in its Journey from Day ‘One’ to get exposed & inspired for the subject knowledge and be sensitive & inquisitive for learning the value-added aspects like Moral Education, Self-Discipline, Self-Reliance, Emotional Intelligence and Life-Skills. We constantly endeavour to ensure congenial environment for the growth & development of a Child’s intellect, innovative mind and scientific temper which will ever empower and hold him/her high in future life. There is pride record of Annual Result continuously above 90% since inception.

That is how, both the said Schools have been running with full capacity as most sought-over Institutions with an excellent overall image attributed to the aforestated basically essential factors relevant to the field of Education in the current era. We can modestly claim to be not ‘Yet Another’ but exist to surpass ‘All Others’ and hence give a call to

‘Join The Best’ to give ‘Jolt To All The Rest’.​

Our Story


Our defining aim is to prepare cultured, civilized and compassionate citizens who possess the competence to act out of the box while still being rooted to the virtues of their culture.


To prepare living souls who aim to discover their strengths and work upon their weaknesses.

To promote sharing and expanding knowledge through team work, peer learning and peer evaluation.

To create winners who not only work towards their development but also obliging to fellow citizens.

To produce courageous citizens who are all equipped to stand against the odds and ready to encounter the snags of life.

Our Mission

To embark each learner on a journey of comprehending through exploration and experimentation and thereby creating citizens committed for enlightening the whole world.